About The Awards

An event like no other

Since its inception, Marketing magazine‘s Agency of the Year Awards has given agencies the opportunity to place themselves in the running for the top spot in various categories, year after year. All agencies are invited to submit entries to be carefully judged by high-calibre client-side marketers based in Hong Kong.

On top of the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards awarded for each category, local independent agencies that demonstrate excellence by will be bestowed The Local Hero award.

The agency with the highest overall score will receive the prestigious Overall Agency of the Year title. Finalists and Winners of Agency of the Year 2018 will be celebrated at a grand ceremony and gala dinner on 22 June at a gala dinner. Here’s your chance to showcase your work and get involved with Agency of the Year! Check out all the details on the website.

Why should you enter?

1. Your Moment To Shine

Agency of the Year Awards is an opportunity for agencies in Hong Kong to take stock of their performance during the evaluated period, by getting the people that matters, senior client-marketers, to assess them.

2. Prove Your Worth

Winners of the Agency of the Year Awards have always won based on one constant; the agency preferences of client-marketers, which by itself is a good gauge for agencies to measure how well they have performed in the market.

3. Truly Asia

Other agency awards promote comparisons with the regional market, but Agency of the Year is designed specifically for the Hong Kong market, celebrating the best that the region has to offer and can be proud of.

4. Looking at the Bigger Picture

The Agency of the Year Awards focuses on the overall performance of an agency, rather than on a specific campaign or ad. It encourages agencies to out-do their performance, eventually raising the bar for the industry.

5. Celebrate in style come 22nd June!

Winners will be awarded at an impressive gala reception dinner, set to be a memorable occasion for teams and agencies to celebrate their successes. Winning the awards is an affirmation for the team that they have been doing a great job. It grants them the bragging rights, for being the best performing agency for the year, and is definitely a morale booster to teams.